Why register?

1) Keep your username. The more you play the more friends you make here. There are people that like to play again and again, and they like to play against people who have shown their strategic chops. By reserving your username you are letting people know you are a regular, and they know they are playing the same person they played before.

2) Membership has its privileges. Conqueror is being added to constantly and gradually. From here on out we will be implementing most of the more advanced features for registered accounts. Want to whisper to another user? Save your game? Download a special application? Use special maps or game options like diplomacy? All these options will be available to members.

3) Help build the Conqueror game community. We really want people to be able to communicate when not in a game just as easily. Email and instant messenger bridge options are in the works, as will be special stats and tournament pages. Each member will have their own page, and you will be able to customize your own icon and flag for in-game play.

4) No spam, ever. Privacy is our utmost concern. We will not share our email list with any third parties. We will not send you any offers unrelated to Conqueror. You can remove your email from our list at any time.

5) It's free... Although at some point we may institute a nominal charge for renewing registered accounts. However, for the undetermined future we are working on a google-ads supported model. Many users have written to say they would gladly pay a registration fee to not have to see the ads, or to get a downloadable application, and others have been so enthusiastic about the game they have said they wanted to support it regardless and sent in a donation. We'll do our best to keep options open for all people but we also have bills to pay, including keeping the servers running.

OK, so how do I register?

1) Sign up for the announcements list below. Every now and then we send out an announcement. We're conscious of people's email inboxes filling up with self-promoting junk every day, so we keep these to a minimum. Use a REAL email address -- you'll need it to get your invitation!

2) Look for the registration invitation email. You will receive two emails after submitting your email address. The first is simply welcoming you to the announcements list. The second is the personalized link to register your chosen username. You can only register ONCE.

3) Click on the registration link.

4) Choose your username and password. Please pick a name that you won't want to change -- at the moment this is permanent. You can't do another one, each player only gets one free account at the moment. Be sure you write your password down somewhere safe!

5) Submit your details. We've tried to keep the personal information to a miminum. We're not marketing to you or selling your personal information, but we do want to know what country you come from, and, for legal reasons, your age. This also will double as a way to retrieve lost passwords. Make sure you complete the sign up process and you get to the page that says you can log in.

6) Log in to the game. After waiting a minute or so, you should be able to log in with your new username and password! That's it. Have fun.

Forgot your username or password? Have a new password sent to your email address.

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