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Version 2: The HTML5 version, aka "Teams"

Conqueror was recently ported to run under HTML 5 (using CSS, Javascript and Node.js). The new version has a few minor modifications to the rules, but it's essentially the same game. You can check the help files inside the game or the forum for more information.

Note to returning players with old accounts: You should be able to login to the new game using the game account you created for the Shockwave game. If you have trouble logging in, reset your password. (The forum does not use the same password system -- we will be replacing the forum soon.)

Play Conqueror: The Original Game

Version 1: Shockwave version

Conqueror was originally designed and developed as a Shockwave game from the years 1999-2010. The multiuser server was taken offline in fall 2012, and the Shockwave plugin itself stopped being available for modern computers a few years after that. However, if you have an older computer with the Shockwave plugin, you can still play the single-player version..

Stay tuned for news on the game on mobile platforms...

Happy Conquering!

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